Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find answers to your questions here. If you have any additional questions about Exchange your coins to Paypal, Please send us a message any time .

01 Do I need to create account to swap?

Yes! Every user need to create an account to swap e-currency.

02 How do I swap?

Please follow these easy steps to swap your e-currency:
1. Create an account and confirm your email;
2. Log in to your account;
3. Click Deposit then click Deposit Money
4. Choose any Payment Option e.g. click Ethereum to swap your ETH to other currency
5. Enter the amount you want to deposit in USD e.g. $200 and click preview button
6. Click PAY NOW
7. You will see the equivalent amount of $200 in ETH to be sent
8. Make a payment to the provided ETH address;
9. Payment is automatic, once our system detect your payment successfully, your account will be credited instantly
10. Now we believe you have successfully made payment and your balance now showing $200
11. To swap your $200 to other currency, click Swap Now
12. On the Amount(USD) textbox, input the amount of money you want to swap e.g 200 (without $)
13. On the second button, click and select Paypal or any other currency to swap
14. Now you will see the equivalent amount of $200 to the selected currency to swap
15. You must agree to our Terms and Conditions
16. Click Swap button
17. Click Swap from my account
18. Now the system need your selected currency address where your funds will be sent, enter your address and just enter anything on the message box (Required)
19. Click Confirm Order
20. Wait for few minutes and receive your funds in your provided address. Thank you for your swapping.

03 What currency do you accept in payment (deposit)?

We currently swap: USD (Paypal), BTC, ETH, LTC , DOGE

04 Are there any country-based restrictions?


05 What is the % of referral, my referrals, my referral link

You will earn referral bonus (level 1): User will get bonus per deposit 10%
Referral bonus (level 2): User will get bonus per deposit 6%
Referral bonus (level 3): User will get bonus per deposit 4%

Login and click Referrals Bonus
Here you will see your referral's details.
Copy your referral link, share and distribute to friends and family

06 What are the currency i can swap my coins with?

Paypal, Payeer, Payoneer, Perfect money, Webmoney and more to come.

07 What is the minimum amount to swap?


08 What is the maximum amount to swap?


09 What are your charging fees?

Deposit fee = 0.0% Swap fee = 2.0%

10 Is there KYC Verification before I can swap?


11 How long does swapping takes?

Usually takes 10-30 minutes.

12 I can't find my coin or fiat to swap. Can I request?

Yes, you can request from us to add your coin or fiat. Contact us here